5 Point plan for strategy development


“Using practical tools and facilitated processes will ensure you and your team are on the same page for: Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy and Marketing and Media Strat-Plans.”
– Brian Wright

Inclusive Marketing Strategy and action planning form the Backbone that drives and aligns marketing, sales, finance and operations in your business. From establishing Insights to Strategy and Action Planning, when people with relevant expertise and knowledge are included in the team that develops strategy the synergistic benefits become exponential.
  1. Capturing and understanding the Business Situation using numerous processes including; Brand SWOT, Situational Analysis, competitor review and Segmenting & Targeting, which also highlights blind spots and research requirements.
  2. Blue Ocean space and gaps in your Value Proposition are established by making use of Strategy Canvass to guide your business’s brand positioning and Value propositions’ evolution.
  3. Brand Strategy is developed by facilitation using the following modules; Brand Building, Brand Architecture, Brand Relevance, 4. Transforming Brands to formulate and capture your Core Brand Strategy.
  4. Communications Strat-Plan is developed considering:

– Key Messages

– Value Propositions per market

– Strategic Objectives

– Budget

– Advertising Channels

– Marketing Communication Channels. (Customer Engagement infographic.)

Once all options are discussed, evaluated and ranked, the Media Strategy and Plan is agreed upon, signed off and implemented.

  1. Your Marketing Plan with initiatives, costs, milestones, responsibilities, deliverables and timelines is documented. This action plan is owned by your team and is a living entity requiring monitoring, measuring, reporting and nurturing to ensure that results are achieved.

An inclusive approach to marketing strategy development and implementation leveraging the knowledge, expertise and active involvement of the combined team ensures understanding, alignment, commitment to and collective ownership of your strategies and action plans.

This collaborative process while unique is aligned with marketing strategic planning theory and practice. The difference is that we provide the HOW TO DO – Marketing Strategic Planning.

Like all strategic plans, commitment, alignment, agility and adaptability will ultimately determine success. Campaign measurables must be monitored, reported and compared with the desired outcomes. Troubleshooting, recalibrating and agility when adjusting action plans are key to success.

To set your plans into motion Branding Inside Out will get the whole enterprise on board because “culture eats strategy for lunch”.

I’d like to welcome the opprtunity to work with you and your team!

With everything to gain, when do we start?