Marketing Strategy Development

“We are as passionate about discovering insights and developing exciting strategies as we are about the creativity and design to achieve your objectives. Our practical tools and facilitation processes ensure we end up on the same page for: Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy and Marketing and Media Strat-Plan..”

Brian Wright – Chairman Powerhouse Corporation

Inclusive Marketing Strategy and action plan development form the Backbone that drives and aligns marketing sales, finance and operations in your business. From establishing insights to Strategy and action planning, when people with relevant expertise and knowledge are included in the team the synergistic benefits become exponential.

We facilitate a five-point planning process with you and your executive team to establish everything needed to develop and implement your marketing strategic plan effectively, including:

1. Insights

Insights are developed with numerous processes including segmenting and targeting, situational analysis, competitor review and brand SWOT,  which also highlights blind spots and research requirements.

2. Blue Ocean Space

Complementary to strategic insights we establish existing blue ocean space and gaps in your value proposition using a strategy canvas and capture your current and suggested brand positioning.

3. Brand Strategy

For brand strategy development we use various facilitated modules as required from the following; Brand building, brand architecture and core brand strategy development. Key messages and market value propositions may be defined at this point to ensure that messaging is both resonant and relevant to target markets.

4. Comms Strategy

Your communications strategy and action plans are developed by considering strategic objectives, budget and all viable options which are ranked. We prepare a media strategy and media plan which is agreed upon, signed off and implemented. To consider the complexity consult our Customer Engagement infographic.

5. Marketing Plan

This roles down to a detailed marketing plan with initiatives, costs, milestones, responsibilities, deliverables and timelines.

An inclusive approach to marketing strategy development and implementation leveraging the knowledge, expertise and active involvement of the combined team ensures understanding, alignment, commitment to and collective ownership of your strategies and action plans.

This collaborative process is unique to Powerhouse and is aligned with up-to-date marketing strategic planning theory and practice.

Like all strategic plans, agility and adaptability will ultimately determine success. But before the plan is set into motion branding inside out is critical, because “culture eats strategy for lunch.” Campaign measurables must be monitored, reported and compared with the desired outcomes, troubleshooting, recalibrating and adjusting action plans are key to success.

We will make a difference and welcome the opportunity to work with you!