Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing means far more than being present and consistent across different media

Integrated marketing campaigns demand a deep understanding of your target markets, the relevance of your value proposition and key messaging together with the respective communications channels.

Strategically aligned Creative messaging that resonates with prospects, customers, clients and loyal brand communities is what sets Powerhouse integrated campaigns apart.

This infographic of Customer Engagement Journey shows the buyer funnel, the all-critical customer conversion and ultimately what we call the Brand Trumpet and illustrates the influence that different media and marketing initiatives have at different points in the Customer Journey. It goes without saying that the influence and even relevance of media and messaging initiatives vary greatly for different sectors, channels to market and demographics.

Powerhouse identified the gaps in the customer journey and offers unique solutions for facilitated strategy creation, cost-effective integrated inbound campaigns and Power Activate for clients who can take advantage of these opportunities.

From Strategy formulation to integrated marketing campaign execution including Inbound campaigns and Power Sales Activate, Powerhouse Creative Marketing is with you all the way.


Integrated marketing campaigns have been discussed for decades but as media consumption evolves, with particular emphasis on online, the skills to do it are rare. As we have all seen, each media or channel specialist punts their speciality which has created the opposite of integrated. (Of course, there are merits to having a greater share of voice in a particular channel but that’s not what is happening here.)

  1. Strategy

We facilitate your executive team to create the enterprise’s marketing strategy. This process from insight development to Marketing Plan and execution has been used successfully with small and medium enterprises including international brands realizing exceptional alignment, ownership, accountability and results.

You and your team will be aligned from understanding the rationale to buying into the action plans. This ownership and accountability brings success.

You know what is said about strategy well executed.

2. Integrated campaigns for Small and Medium Size Enterprises

Powerhouse offers unique specialist skills set from traditional media to online including websites and Inbound Campaigns. We compete against specialist agencies who are suited to large enterprises with large marketing departments incorporating a deep skills set of their own. But for small and medium enterprises or large manufacturers, these specialist agencies simply don’t have the skills to offer integrated marketing solutions.

3. Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound campaigns bridge the gap between creating brand awareness and conversions by building relevance. These critical engagements nurture prospects funnelling them to generate qualified leads primed and ready for you and your team to make the sale.

Integrating your ATL, online advertising and social media communications with your paid and organic search campaigns channels prospects to your website. Visitors to your website are served compelling emotive content showing undeniable brand relevance.

We are multidimensional content specialists offering integrated inbound campaigns to attract, engage and nurture leads for clients.

4. Power Activate

The objective of Power activations is to create sales impact at the point of purchase by turning retail trade staff into your extended team which is mutually beneficial for the retailer.

This unique offering was developed to assist brands typically being sold in the trade retail and wholesale channels where typical “toothpick and cheesy” activations just don’t work.

Our team of seasoned and talented Power Activators have the aptitude and passion for training trade counter, floor staff, managers and cashiers to understand our client’s product, use, differentiators, USPs and brand relevance.

Prior to a campaign, our activation professionals receive in-depth company induction, product training and pass an examination. This ensures that they are converted brand ambassadors representing your brand at the store level.

Results speak for themselves, Power Activations are appreciated by clients for boosting sales, building brand loyalty and are especially effective for launches.