The ONE-TWO-THREE of Lead Generation

There is no single solution for Lead Generation BUT there are useful guidelines. Essentially it is a numbers game which starts with generating a great deal of interest by creating relevant awareness, which leads to resonant engagement, then funnelling these down to qualified leads and ultimately your new sale.

ONE – Reaching out to Target Markets

Outbound campaigns attract prospects create awareness and foster desire for YOUR products and services.

Target Markets > Profile > People

  • All media options must be considered, from traditional Print, TV, Radio and outdoor to online search, display ads, social media, mailers and many more!

(Traditional media is still applicable and arguably gaining relevance and prominence.)

  • Messages must appeal to targeted audiences taking into account their needs, pressure points as well as the media being used.
  • Outgoing communications including mailers must build awareness, relevance and entice interaction with cross-links and calls to action to stimulate engagement.

TWO – Engaging with, or should we say enticing prospects to Engage:

This includes paid search (Google Adwords), SEO, websites, blogs and social media content.

Each channel must be managed appropriately for the respective platform and the prospective client’s engagement journey using personas.

Enticing content enables lead nurturing.

  • Gain an understanding of your various prospects by classifying them using personas on their journey to becoming your customer.
  • Use and leverage your CRM system which by design collects information on customers and prospects. Integrated and more sophisticated CRM systems make this even easier. But like anything else thought and effort is required to leverage the knowledge you have together with your CRM system information and reports.

THREE – CONTENT IS KING for Nurturing Leads

Relevant enticing content must be developed and be ready to serve to prospective customers, including compelling calls to action.

Your website content and design, landing pages, gated content, blogs, e-books, content pieces and social media posts should be promoted across your selected platforms integrating your inbound and outbound campaigns.

  • Classify prospects in terms of their probability to purchase or if they are ready to purchase. Using personas is very useful for this.
  • Having suitable content is critical to any conversion journey with appropriate calls to action at each stage from merely being interested to when prospects are ready to buy.


This is where the eCommerce website may secure the order and payment or where your sales team step in to secure the order. A qualified lead with the information in your CRM system to guide the sales interaction can make all the difference to your team’s successful closing ratio.

The sales journey is never over as your team, systems and processes should be optimising the lifetime value of a client building relationships, selling up, cross-selling and for securing repeat orders; ultimately building brand loyalty.