Sales Force

Power Activate

For brands being purchased from trade retailers and wholesalers, it is imperative that these channel partners are an extension of your sales force to ensure your brand isn’t commoditized and sold on price alone.

Power activate creates sales impact at the point of purchase by turning retail trade staff into your extended sales team which is mutually beneficial for the retailer.

This unique offering was developed to assist brands being sold in the trade retail and wholesale channels where typical “toothpick and cheesy” activations just don’t work and POS and packaging is insufficient to create relevance and differentiation.

The solution is to hire, as needed, the seasoned and talented Power Activate team who have the aptitude and passion for training trade counter, floor staff, managers and cashiers to understand your bands’ products, uses, differentiators, USPs and brand relevance at the point of purchase.

Prior to a campaign, Power activate professionals receive in-depth company induction, product training and pass an examination. This ensures they are converted brand ambassadors representing your brand at the store level.

Results speak for themselves, Power Activations are appreciated by clients for boosting sales, building brand loyalty and are especially effective for launches.