Content Rules

Why must you apply the content rules of Who, What, Where, When & How to create content that rules?

Content creation is key to any successful inbound or lead generation campaign, without which you will not realise your goals!

Enticing, informative, EMOTIVE and well-written communications should aim to solve clients’ and prospects’ problems making working with your brand irresistible.

Your content plan should increase visibility and position your brand as thought leader with a compelling value proposition that sets your brand apart.

WHY communicate?

There are reasons to engage and these reasons will drive your content strategy and communication plan:

  • Awareness of your product, brand, service and value proposition
  • Create relevance for your brand
  • To secure a sale
  • Build brand loyalty and lifetime customer value

WHO to communicate with

Take care to not only target markets and sectors but understand deeply what’s important to them:

  • Needs
  • Wants
  • Problems
  • Requirements
  • Each prospect or customer “group” will require different messaging

WHAT you want to achieve

Create Communications that engage with prospects, customers and clients to:

  • build brands,
  • be relevant and
  • generate leads

WHERE to place content

Choose relevant media which will reach your targeted audience because they actively engage with the channel.

  • For targeting
  • AND effectiveness
  • Respect the channel
  • Create media-relevant content

WHEN, Timing is everything

Clients consume media differently and at different times of the day and week, so:

  • Know when clients consume media
  • Pay attention to their respective frame of mind at the time of engagement
  • Content must be relevant to their customer journey
  • The level of content detail is also dependent on where the prospect is on their customer journey


HOW, the all-important question!

We can help you with this one, but here are some Content Rules and guidelines:

  • Firstly, content must resonate with and then create relevance in your prospect, customer and clients’ minds
  • Solve a clients problem or issues
  • Realise an opportunity for your client or prospect
  • Messaging must connect emotionally with target markets in content and tone
  • Visual imagery is critical and engagement increases exponentially from no image > to still image > to animated imagery > to video.
  • Creative messaging must stand out, grab attention or “POP”
  • Calls to action must be emotive
  • Powerful calls to action get results, “who asks gets lucky”
  • Use gated content and personas to help with the right content at the right time and to generate leads
  • NB Enough to entice engagement but not too much information, don’t give it all away.

Now keep all of this in mind when drafting and editing content, selecting channels, creating calls to action and using visual imagery. Your content will rule.

Easy as that, OR get in touch and we will get it
write, wright, right for you.