When reviewing Advertising companies in South Africa, be sure to understand what sets them apart.

Be sure to understand how they will develop a strategy and execute it.

• Marketing Strategy

• Segmenting and Targeting

• Identify and Create uncontested market space

• To make your products, services and brand relevant

• Integrated Campaigns

– Online, inbound, Above the line and Below the Line

– Customer Journey Focus

• Unique offerings that capitalise on opportunities in the customer journey like:

– Inbound

– Lead Generation

– Power Activations

There are so many Advertising Companies in South Africa but we offer much more than most.

Discover the 5 point plan for Marketing Strategy Development


“Using practical tools and facilitated processes will ensure you and your team are on the same page for: Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy and Marketing and Media Strat-Plans.”
– Brian Wright

Inclusive Marketing Strategy and action planning form the Backbone that drives and aligns marketing, sales, finance and operations in your business. From establishing Insights to Strategy and Action Planning, when people with relevant expertise and knowledge are included in the team that develops strategy the synergistic benefits become exponential.

5 Point Plan for Marketing Strategy Development

1. Capturing and understanding the Business Situation using numerous processes including; Brand SWOT, Situational Analysis, competitor review and Segmenting & Targeting, which also highlights blind spots and research requirements.

2. Establish Uncontested Market Space and gaps in your Value Proposition are established by making use of Strategy Canvass to guide your business’s brand positioning and Value propositions’ evolution.

3. Brand Strategy is developed by facilitation using the following modules; Brand Building, Brand Architecture, Brand Relevance, Transforming Brands to formulate and capture your Core Brand Strategy.

4. Communications Strat-Plan is developed considering:

– Key Messages

– Value Propositions per market

– Strategic Objectives

– Budget

– Advertising Channels

– Marketing Communication Channels. (Customer Engagement infographic.)

Once all options are discussed, evaluated and ranked, the Media Strategy and Plan is agreed upon, signed off and implemented.

5. Your Marketing Plan with initiatives, costs, milestones, responsibilities, deliverables and timelines is documented. This action plan is owned by your team and is a living entity requiring monitoring, measuring, reporting and nurturing to ensure that results are achieved.

An inclusive approach to marketing strategy development and implementation leveraging the knowledge, expertise and active involvement of the combined team ensures understanding, alignment, commitment to and collective ownership of your strategies and action plans.

This collaborative process while unique is aligned with marketing strategic planning theory and practice. The difference is that we provide the HOW TO DO – Marketing Strategic Planning.

Like all strategic plans, commitment, alignment, agility and adaptability will ultimately determine success. Campaign measurables must be monitored, reported and compared with the desired outcomes. Troubleshooting, recalibrating and agility when adjusting action plans are key to success.

Powerhouse will set your plans into motion Branding Inside Out will get the whole enterprise on board because “culture eats strategy for lunch”.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team!

With everything to gain, when do we start?

“We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team!

With everything to gain, when do we start?”

Segmenting & Targeting Grid

Understand, evolve & communicate your value proposition

A detailed and well-thought-through segmentation and targeting grid forms the backbone for all strategy formulation and allows for seamless implementation.

Strategy Canvas – Example of Competitor Analysis

Identifying Blue Ocean Space by plotting Customer / Segment Needs and Wants, looking for opportunities to differentiate and establish USPs for your Value Proposition

Be Relevant, be Liked and WIN

Most companies go to great lengths to pitch all the attributes and virtues (features) of their product or service offering, leaving prospects to look for the value (benefit) for themselves, or not.

In marketing your business, if you are not solving a problem or realizing an opportunity for your prospects or customer you simply are not relevant.

In order to win business, your product and service must offer value to customers and they need to know precisely how and why your offering is relevant to them!

Sounds simple enough but:

“Do you know what problem, pressure point and or opportunity your offering solves or realizes for EACH customer?”

The virtue of establishing relevance one on one requires that you listen first, then actively engage to establish how you can help. When you engage with prospects in this way it will make you, your product and your brand more likeable while guiding you to closing the deal with your customer.

At an Industry level, we will help you achieve the same with market research, facilitating Segmenting and Targeting and Situational Analysis followed by preparing value propositions and key messaging that will resonate with prospects to make your brand relevant and irresistible.

All that will be left for your sales team to do, is convert leads generated from Inbound Campaigns by asking, listening, and then SPECIFICALLY showing how you will help and close the deal.

Once you have the orders, deliver on your promise and, your product and brand will be regarded as relevant, needed and liked, converting prospects to become customers and loyal clients.

Integrated Campaigns Focussing On The Customer Journey Will Set Your Brand Apart

Integrated marketing campaigns have been discussed for decades but as media consumption evolves, with particular emphasis on online, the skills to do it are rare. As we have all seen, each media or channel specialist punts their NICHE which has created the opposite of integrated.

(Of course, there are merits to having a greater share of voice in a particular channel but that’s not what is being discussed here.)

CRM Systems and online channels can close the gaps in the customer journey and offer unique solutions from informed strategy creation to cost-effective integrated inbound campaigns and Power Sales Activation.

1. Marketing Strategy

The responsibility for Marketing Strategy is often relegated to the marketing person and more often than not is more of a planned promotions spend. Sometimes the Advertising Agency is responsible for the “strategy” which is more akin to the “big creative idea” than Strategy.

CEOs should be involved in formulating strategy and would do well to choose a facilitated process with the executive team to create the enterprise’s marketing strategy. This process from insight development to Marketing Plan and execution has been used successfully with small and medium enterprises including international brands realizing exceptional alignment, ownership, accountability and results.

You and your team will be aligned, from understanding the rationale to buying into the action plans. With ownership and accountability comes success.

We all know what is said about strategy well executed.

2. Integrated campaigns for Small and Medium Size Enterprises

Your Marketing Agency, consultants and CMO must have the complete specialist skills set from traditional media to online including websites and Inbound Campaigns to plan and properly execute an integrated marketing campaign. For large enterprises with marketing departments incorporating a deep skill set of their own, this may not be a gap, but for small and medium enterprises or large manufacturers, their agencies and marketing personnel often does not have the skills to offer integrated marketing solutions.

3. Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound campaigns bridge the gap between creating brand awareness and conversions by building relevance. These critical engagements nurture prospects funnelling them to generate qualified leads primed and ready for your sales team to make the sale.

Integrating your ATL, online advertising and social media communications with your paid and organic search campaigns channels prospects to your website. Visitors to your website are served compelling emotive, sometimes gated, content showing undeniable brand relevance for lead generation.

Partnering with multidimensional content specialists who offer integrated inbound campaigns to attract, engage and nurture leads for your business will convert your campaigns into revenue.

If you would like assistance, reach out and I’m sure we can assist you with an effective integrated marketing initiative that will generate an ROI which will leave you smiling.

If you would like assistance, reach out and we can assist you with an effective integrated marketing initiative that will generate an ROI which will leave you smiling.

Drives Traffic.
Inbound Funnels

Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound lead development and nurturing are primarily digital by nature, summed up in a funnel Attract > Engage > Convert and includes Paid search, SEO, websites, blogs and social media engagement. Each channel must be managed appropriately for the respective platform and the prospective client’s engagement journey by establishing personas and providing enticing content leading to a qualified sales lead.

  1. Gain an understanding of your various prospects and customers and classify them by way of persona’s
  2. Use and leverage your CRM system which by design collects information on customers and prospects. Integrated and more sophisticated CRM systems make this even easier. But like anything else needs thought and effort to leverage the knowledge.

Relevant enticing content must be developed ready to serve to prospective clients with compelling calls to action. Your website content and design, landing pages, gated content, blogs, e-books, content pieces and social media posts should be promoted across your selected platforms integrating your inbound and outbound campaigns.

  • Outgoing mailers must build awareness, relevance and entice engagement with cross-links and calls to action to stimulate engagement.
  • Classify prospects in terms of their probability to purchase)
  • Having suitable content is critical to any conversion journey with appropriate calls to action

When it comes to Advertising companies in South Africa, some Content Rules should be followed.

Content Rules

Why must you apply the content rules of Who, What, Where, When & How to create content that rules?

Content creation is key to any successful inbound or lead generation campaign, without which you will not realise your goals!

Enticing, informative, EMOTIVE and well-written communications should aim to solve clients’ and prospects’ problems making working with your brand irresistible.

Your content plan should increase visibility and position your brand as a thought leader with a compelling value proposition that sets your brand apart. 

WHY communicate?

There are reasons to engage and these reasons will drive your content strategy and communication plan:

• Awareness of your product, brand, service and value proposition

• Create relevance for your brand

• To secure a sale

• Build brand loyalty and lifetime customer value

WHO   to communicate with     

Take care to not only target markets and sectors but  understand deeply what’s important to them:

• Needs

• Wants

• Problems

• Requirements

• Each prospect or customer “group” will require different messaging

WHAT you want to achieve

Create Communications that engage with prospects, customers and clients to:

• build brands,

• be relevant and

• generate leads

WHERE  to place content

Choose relevant media which will reach your targeted audience because they actively engage with the channel.

• For targeting

• AND effectiveness

• Respect the channel

• Create media-relevant content

WHEN  Timing is everything

Clients consume media differently and at different times of the day and week, so:

  • Know when clients consume media
  • Pay attention to their respective frame of mind at the time of engagement
  • Content must be relevant to their customer journey
  • The level of content detail is also dependent on where the prospect is on their customer journey


HOW?  The all-important question!

We can help you with this one, but here are some Content Rules and guidelines:

  • Firstly resonate with and then create relevance in your prospect, customer and clients’ minds
  • Solve a clients problem or issues
  • Realise an opportunity for your client or prospect
  • Messaging must connect emotionally with target markets in content and tone
  • Visual imagery is critical and engagement increases exponentially from no image > to still image > to animated imagery > to video.
  • Creative messaging must stand out, grab attention or “POP”
  • Calls to action must be emotive
  • Powerful calls to action get results, “who asks gets!”
  • Use gated content and personas to help with the right content at the right time and to generate leads
  • NB Enough to entice engagement but not too much information, don’t give it all away.

Now keep all of this in mind when drafting and editing content, selecting channels, creating calls to action and using visual imagery. Your content will rule.

Inbound Campaigns with content that rules will generate leads and drive sales.

Easy as that, OR get in touch and we will get it write, wright, right for you.


Power Activate

For brands being purchased from trade retailers and wholesalers it is imperative that these channel partners are an extension of your sales force to ensure your brand isn’t commoditized and sold on price alone.

Power activate creates sales impact at the point of purchase by turning retail trade staff into your extended sales team which is mutually beneficial for
the retailer.

This unique offering was developed to assist brands being sold in the trade retail and wholesale channels where typical “toothpick and cheesy” activations just don’t work. Advertising Companies in South Africa know that POS and packaging are insufficient to create relevance and differentiation at the point of purchase.

The solution is to hire, as needed, the seasoned and talented Power Activate team who have the aptitude and passion for training trade counter, floor staff, managers and cashiers to understand your bands’ product, use, differentiators, USPs and brand relevance.

Prior to a campaign, Power Activate professionals receive in-depth company induction, product training and pass an examination. This ensures they are converted brand ambassadors representing your brand at the store level.

Results speak for themselves, Power Activate campaigns are appreciated by clients for boosting sales, building brand loyalty and are especially effective
for launches.

To find out more please message us 

Brand Design Process

(New Brands)

We will make a difference and welcome the opportunity to work with you!

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