Strategic Integrated Campaigns

Leading Media Companies in south Africa develop strategic integrated campaigns to create awareness and relevance for your products, services and brands.

Our class-leading processes set Powerhouse apart from other Media Companies in South Africa as we invest time and processes to develop insight into your brand positioning, paying particular attention to what makes your brand different and unique.

Segmenting and Targeting establishes differentiators and hygiene factors for core markets to create key messaging and enticing value emotive propositions. A unique addition is our Strategy Canvas adopted from Blue Ocean thinking to find uncontested market space and to determine what you should do more of, less of, eliminate and introduce into your value offering.

Media Companies in South Africa should be developing Integrated Campaigns in harmony with your customers’ journey. Capitalising on opportunities to engage when traditional campaigns do not.

Aligned with this we developed offerings that focus on often neglected opportunities to engage with customers at key transitions on the customer journey including Inbound Lead Generation engaging with prospects to develop leads and Power Activate to multiply sales conversions at trade retailers

Brand Bulls Eye

Segmenting & Targeting Grid

Understand, evolve & communicate your value proposition
A detailed and well-thought-through segmentation and targeting grid forms the backbone for all strategy formulation and allows for seamless implementation.

Strategy Canvas – Example of Competitor Analysis

Identifying Blue Ocean Space by plotting Customer / Segment Needs and Wants, looking for the opportunities to differentiate and establish USPs for your Value Proposition

Integrated campaigns focus on the customer journey

Integrated marketing campaigns have been discussed for decades but as media consumption evolves, with particular emphasis on online, the skills to do it are rare. As we have all seen, each media or channel specialist punts their NICHE which has created the opposite of integrated.

(Of course, there are merits to having a greater share of voice in a particular channel but that’s not what is being discussed here.)

CRM Systems and online channels can close the gaps in the customer journey and offer unique solutions from informed strategy creation to cost-effective integrated inbound campaigns and Power Sales Activation.

1. Marketing Strategy

The responsibility for Marketing Strategy is often relegated to the marketing person and more often than not is more of a planned promotions spend. Sometimes the Advertising Agency is responsible for the “strategy” which is more akin to the “big creative idea” than Strategy.

CEOs should be involved in formulating strategy and would do well to choose a facilitated process with the executive team to create the enterprise’s marketing strategy. This process from insight development to Marketing Plan and execution has been used successfully with small and medium enterprises including international brands realizing exceptional alignment, ownership, accountability and results.

You and your team will be aligned, from understanding the rationale to buying into the action plans. With ownership and accountability comes success.

We all know what is said about strategy well executed.

2. Integrated campaigns for Small and Medium Size Enterprises

Your Marketing Agency, consultants and CMO must have the complete specialist skills set from traditional media to online including websites and Inbound Campaigns to plan and properly execute an integrated marketing campaign. For large enterprises with marketing departments incorporating a deep skill set of their own, this may not be a gap, but for small and medium enterprises or large manufacturers, their agencies and marketing people often do not have the skills to offer integrated marketing solutions.

3. Inbound Lead Generation


Inbound campaigns bridge the gap between creating brand awareness and conversions by building relevance. These critical engagements nurture prospects funnelling them to generate qualified leads primed and ready for your sales team to make the sale.

Integrating your ATL, online advertising and social media communications with your paid and organic search campaigns channels prospects to your website. Visitors to your website are served compelling emotive, sometimes gated, content showing undeniable brand relevance for lead generation.

Partnering with multidimensional content specialists who offer integrated inbound campaigns to attract, engage and nurture leads for your business will convert your campaigns into revenue.

If you would like assistance, reach out and I’m sure we can assist you with an effective integrated marketing initiative that will generate an ROI which will leave you smiling.

The rise AGAIN of traditional media

All online platforms are effective, but cluttered and intrusive while the traditional ATL (Above the line) media which have survived and thrived, have done so by increased relevance (even preference) across multiple integrated platforms.

Traditional ATL media offer advertisers

a. Relevance
b. Engagement is by choice and is not intrusive
c. Cost-effective customer communications
d. Inclusive Integrated media options

  • Often ignored by one-dimensional marketers:
  • Due to the rise of the digital agency
  • Narrow focus of marketers and digital media strategists
  • Lack of expertise across all media channels
  • Less quantifiable media consumption of traditional media options reduces the appeal.
  • Ignorance regards the fact that digital stats are misleading when not properly understood.

Miss traditional media advertising and miss out!

There is no single solution for Lead Generation BUT there are useful guidelines. Essentially it is a numbers game which starts with generating a great deal of interest by creating relevant awareness, which leads to resonant engagement, then funnelling these down to qualified leads and ultimately your new sale.
ONE – Reaching out to Target Markets

Outbound campaigns attract prospects create awareness and foster desire for YOUR products and services.

• Effective Segmenting and targeting will identify markets, profiles and respective key messaging.

Target Markets > Profile > People

• All media options must be considered, from traditional Print, TV, Radio and outdoor to online search, display ads, social media, mailers and many more!

(Traditional media is still applicable and arguably gaining relevance and prominence.)

• Messages must appeal to targeted audiences taking into account their needs, pressure points as well as the media being used.

• Outgoing communications including mailers must build awareness, relevance and entice interaction with cross-links and calls to action to stimulate engagement.

TWO – Engaging with, or should we say enticing prospects to Engage:

This includes paid search (Google Adwords), SEO, websites, blogs and social media content.

Each channel must be managed appropriately for the respective platform and the prospective client’s engagement journey using personas.

Enticing content enables lead nurturing.

• Gain an understanding of your various prospects by classifying them using personas on their journey to becoming your customer.

• Use and leverage your CRM system which by design collects information on customers and prospects. Integrated and more sophisticated CRM systems make this even easier. But like anything else thought and effort is required to leverage the knowledge you have together with your CRM system information
and reports.

THREE – CONTENT IS KING for Nurturing Leads

Relevant enticing content must be developed and ready to serve to prospective customers including compelling calls to action.

Your website content and design, landing pages, gated content, blogs, e-books, content pieces and social media posts should be promoted across your selected platforms integrating your inbound and outbound campaigns.

• Classify prospects in terms of their probability to purchase or if they are ready to purchase. Using personas is very useful for this.

• Having suitable content is critical to any conversion journey with appropriate calls to action at each stage from merely being interested to when prospects are ready to buy.


This is where the eCommerce website may secure the order and payment or where your sales team step in to secure the order. A qualified lead with the information in your CRM system to guide the sales interaction can make all the difference to your team’s successful closing ratio.

The sales journey is never over as your team, systems and processes should be optimising the lifetime value of a client building relationships, selling up, cross-selling and for securing repeat orders; ultimately building brand loyalty.

Brian and Lou are seasoned marketing professionals and their team will be
happy to assist you to develop, implement and fine-tune your inbound lead generation.

Sales Force

Power Activate

For brands being purchased from trade retailers and wholesalers it is imperative that these channel partners are an extension of your sales force to ensure your brand isn’t commoditized and sold on price alone.

Power activate creates sales impact at the point of purchase by turning retail trade staff into your extended sales team which is mutually beneficial for
the retailer.

This unique offering was developed to assist brands being sold in the trade retail and wholesale channels where typical “toothpick and cheesy” activations just don’t work and POS and packaging are insufficient to create relevance and differentiation.

The solution is to hire, as needed, the seasoned and talented Power Activate team who have the aptitude and passion for training trade counter, floor staff, managers and cashiers to understand your bands’ product, use, differentiators, USPs and brand relevance.

Prior to a campaign, Power activate professionals receive in-depth company induction, product training and pass an examination. This ensures they are converted brand ambassadors representing your brand at the store level.

Results speak for themselves, Power Activate campaigns are appreciated by clients for boosting sales, building brand loyalty and are especially effective
for launches.

To find out more please message us 

Brand Marketing Planning Process

“Marketing Strategy belongs to the company, it’s shareholders and the CEO should be accountable
to its success as should the entire suite for the delivery of the Marketing Plan”
Brian Wright – Chairman