Segmenting & Targeting Grid

Understand, evolve & communicate your value proposition

Most companies go to great lengths to pitch all the attributes and features of their product or service offering, leaving prospects to look for the benefit. For themselves, or not.

In order to win business, your product and service must offer value to customers and they need to know precisely how and why your offering is relevant to them!

Sounds simple enough but:
“Do you know what problem, pressure point and or opportunity your offering solves or realises for EACH customer?”

At an Industry level, we will help you achieve the same with market research, facilitating Segmenting and Targeting and Situational Analysis followed by preparing value propositions and key messaging that will resonate with prospects to make your brand relevant and irresistible.

All that will be left for your sales team to do, is convert leads generated from Inbound Campaigns by asking, listening, and then SPECIFICALLY showing how you will help and close the deal.

Brand Bulls Eye

Strategy Canvas – Example of Competitor Analysis

Identifying Blue Ocean Space by plotting Customer / Segment Needs and Wants, looking for opportunities to differentiate and establish USPs for your Value Proposition

Adopted from Blue Ocean Strategy by Renee Mauborgne and Wo Chan Kim, we use the strategy canvas to identify uncontested blue ocean space and to reduce the amount of “blood in the water” fiercely contested market space.

Eliminate aspects of your offering customers don’t want and introduce aspects, products and services your prospects and clients want, need and will pay for.

We will help you transform.

Strategy Canvas Example

Brand Building In Action

Brand Building demands more than being present and consistent

Integrated marketing campaigns demand a deep understanding of your target markets, the relevance of your value proposition and key messaging together with the customer journey and respective communication channels.

Strategically aligned Creative messaging that resonates with prospects, customers, clients and loyal brand communities are required to set your brand campaigns apart.

From strategy formulation to integrated Brand Building execution including Inbound Campaigns, CRM and Power Sales Activations should be front and centre for CEOs and Marketing Executives.are

Brand Design Transforming Brands

Customers, Markets and Channels are constantly evolving. To be and to remain relevant you and your brand better evolve to look and be relevant.

Your brand must reflect “Who you are”, what you offer, and this must be consistent.

This IS NOT as simple as the customary lazy brand “facelift” or finding something you like!

Brand Design Process

(New Brands)

When it comes to brand design everything is relevant. Colours, fonts, tone, iconography, creative interpretation, practicality, consistency, advertising, branding, signage, online presence, social media, office space, storefronts, in-store, packaging, corporate clothing, all elements, location, vision, values, purpose, guiding principles, segmenting & targeting, brand positioning, USP’s, differentiators, hygiene factors, KPA’s, target markets and so much more.

Do it properly, you are going to have to live with it and you and your business depend on it!

We will make a difference and welcome the opportunity to work with you!

Brand Marketing Planning Process

Many marketing plans are little more than a planned (budget) promotional spend plan.

To succeed, develop your brand marketing plans with intent, be thorough and follow through. Strategies must translate to action plans with timelines, responsibilities, accountability, performance measurement and with AGILITY. Performance must filter down to individual KPA’s and rewards for marketing, sales and OPERATIONS.

“Marketing Strategy belongs to the company, it’s shareholders and the CEO should be accountable
to its success as should the entire suite for the delivery of the Marketing Plan”
Brian Wright – Chairman

“The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has already taken place”

To find an Effective fit for your brand, business, markets and budget, speak to Powerhouse.

“Bad things happen to good companies”

When it comes to a PR Crisis

“prevention is better than cure”

Have a plan and don’t make things worse! You’d be well advised to work with a professional.

Identifying Potential Crisis

  • Have a media plan (few companies do)
  • Build relationships with media
  • Training in crisis communications
  • Maintain media relations before / doing / after
Co-operating with the media provides critical
opportunity, benefits include:
  – presenting your side of the story
  – being the primary source
  • The internet, social and speed consequences

“Bad things happen to good companies”

Customer Engagement Infographic

Integrated campaigns focussing on customer journey transitions are what sets Powerhouse apart

Branding Inside Out