Harvey Roofing Products

Integrated marketing demands a deep understanding of your target markets, the relevance of your value proposition and key messaging together with the respective communications channels.

Harvey Roofing products, known for their lightweight steel roof tiles, was expanding their product range with innovative new products for thatch buildings as well as a revolutionary ‘green’ recycled roof tile. These innovative product offerings were aimed at new target markets, untapped and to a large extent unknown.

Our team at Powerhouse Creative Marketing relished the opportunity to develop and implement a Strategic Integrated Marketing Plan for Harvey.

Firstly we facilitated the Harvey executive team to create a marketing strategy. This process from insight development to Marketing Plan and execution has been used successfully with small and medium enterprises including international brands; realizing exceptional alignment, ownership, accountability and results.

The Harvey team was aligned from understanding the rationale to buying into the action plans. This ownership and accountability brought success in the form of strategy that could be executed well.

Strategically aligned creative messaging resonates with prospects, customers, clients and loyal brand communities.

Powerhouse, with our unique specialist skills set – from traditional media to online including websites and Inbound Campaigns – set out to implement Harvey’s integrated marketing campaign. Informed by the strategy outcomes, targeted messaging delivered through a variety of channels (from traditional media, aligned website and inbound digital campaign). Inbound campaigns bridge the gap between creating brand awareness and conversions by building relevance. These critical engagements nurture prospects funnelling them to generate qualified leads primed and ready for the Harvey team to make the sale.

Integrating Harvey’s ATL, online advertising and social media communications with paid and organic search campaigns, channels prospects to the Harvey Roofing Products website. Visitors are served compelling emotive content showing undeniable brand relevance.

Results speak for themselves. Harvey Roofing Products’ Harvey Thatch is now South Africa’s ubiquitous thatch alternative. It has created a new roofing segment that numerous me-too products are attempting to emulate.  

Harvey EcoTile is revolutionising the rooftile market with demand far exceeding supply at this stage. Clearly aligned messaging around product benefits and differentiators has built brand awareness, interest and action with targeted prospects.

We can do the same for you. Speak to us about an Integrated Marketing solution for your enterprise.

We can do the same for you. Speak to us about an Integrated Marketing solution for your enterprise.