To win business: Be relevant. Be Liked.

Most companies go to great lengths to pitch all the attributes and virtues (features) of their product or service offering, leaving prospects to look for the value (benefit) for themselves, or not.

In marketing your business, if you are not solving a problem or realizing an opportunity for your prospects or customer you simply are not relevant.

Sounds simple enough but:
“Do you know what problem, pressure point and or opportunity your offering solves or realizes for EACH customer?”

The virtue of establishing relevance one on one requires that you listen first, then actively engage to establish how you can help. When you engage with prospects in this way it will make you, your product and your brand more likeable while guiding you to closing the deal with your customer.

At an Industry level, we will help you achieve the same with market research, facilitating Segmenting and Targeting and Situational Analysis followed by preparing value propositions and key messaging that will resonate with prospects to make your brand relevant and irresistible.

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